Don Gossett & E.W. Kenyon

B. Childress
Mar 04 2012

                                                                                       Titus 3:8

The word confession in its positive meaning in the bible is
affirming what God has said in His Word.  It is witnessing to
the Word's declaration.  It is testifying to truths revealed in the Book.  We have been divinely instructed to "hold fast our
confession" Hebrews 4:14 and again "let us hold fast the confession of our faith without wavering: (for He is faithful that
promised)" Hebrews 10:23.  Not only are we to hold fast our confession of the word, but we are to affirm constantly
those things God has revealed to us.

What is confession?  Confession is saying what God has said in His Word about a certain thing.  It is agreeing with
God.  It is saying the same thing the scripture says.  To hold fast your confession is to say what God has said over and
over until the thing desired in our heart and promised in the Word is fully manifested.  There's no such thing as
possession without confession.

When we discover our rights in Christ, we are to affirm these things constantly.  Testify to them.  Witness to these
gigantic Bible facts.  Or as Paul said in Philemon 6, "The communication of thy faith becomes effectual by the
acknowledging of every good thing which is in you in Christ Jesus."

Affirmations of truth are to ring from our lips constantly.  We are to hold fast to them without wavering.  The penalty for
wavering in our confession is that we deny ourselves God's Promise and the performance of it.  "But let him ask in faith,
nothing wavering.  For he that wavereth...let not that man think he shall receive anything of the Lord" James 1:6-7.

"Let the redeemed of the Lord say so" Psalm 107.2.  "Let such as love thy salvation say
continually, let God be
magnified" Psalm 70:4.

What things are we to affirm
constantly?  Affirm the positive scriptures that reveal the good things within us in Christ.  
There are hundreds of powerful affirmations to make constantly as we speak the language of the scriptures.  

These things affirm constantly:

    God is who He says He is.

    I am who God says I am.

    God can do what He says He can do.

    I can do what God says I can do.

    God has what He says He has.

    I have what God says I have.

THE POWER OF OUR WORDS, by Don Gossett & E.W. Kenyon, Copyright 1981, Whitaker House.