Don Gossett & E.W. Kenyon

B. Childress
Mar 04 2012

Faith's confession is always a joyful confession.  It confesses that we have the money before it has arrived.  It confesses
perfect healing while pain is still in the body.  It confesses victory while defeat still holds it captive.

Your confession is based upon the living Word.  "I know whom I have believed and am persuaded that He is not only
able to make good, but He is making good now in my case."

I prayed for one who was very ill.  After I had finished praying, the person said, "I know I am going to get well."

I knew that we were defeated, and I said to her, "When are you going to get well?"

She said, "I do not know when, but I know I will, for the Word cannot fail me."

I said, "No, but you failed the Word.  The Word is NOW, faith is NOW.  Is the Word true in your case?"

She said, "Yes, indeed it is true."

"Then," I said, "by His stripes I am healed."

I said, "When?"

She said, "Now."

I said, "You had better get up and dress then."

I remember an aged man in Fredericton, New Brunswick, a deacon in the Baptist Church there, who came down with
double pneumonia.  Several of the local pastors and I went up to pray for him.  I anointed him and we prayed.  After we
prayed, he said with a strong voice, "Wife, get my children, I am getting up."  That was joy acting on the Word.  When
we confess the Word with joy, it brings conviction to the listeners.  In Romans 10:10 it says, "For with the heart man
believeth."  I like to translate it like this, "For with the heart, man acts on the Word."  The heart acts and that drives the
lips to confession.

A doubting heart is a sense-ruled heart.  A fearless confession comes from a Word-ruled heart.  The Word dominates
their heart life and they speak as did Paul, "I know whom I have believed."

As Paul stood on the deck of that ship in the midst of the awful storm, he said, "I believe God."  Then he told those
wondering men, "Every one of you will get to the shore safely, but the ship will be lost."  He said, "Come, let us eat
breakfast."  He broke bread and gave thanks in the midst of them.  He gave them more than bread, he gave them
courage.  Paul had a faith-filled, joyous confession.  Only a heart that is nourished on the Word can stand in these hard

When we know that the Word is God speaking to us now, it is not difficult to act upon it.  In the 82nd Psalm it declares
that "the Word is settled in heaven."  When I read that, I saw that it must be settled in my heart.  I would no longer "try"
to settle it.  I knew that no Word from God was void of fulfillment.  I was no longer afraid to act upon it.

The Word became more real to me than any word man had ever spoken.  My lips were filled with laughter, my heart was
filled with joy, and I had a victorious confession.

How many times have I seen the hesitant confession a forerunner of failure, and the joyful confession a forerunner of
victory.  When we fearlessly act upon the Word and joyfully cast our every care on Him, victory is as sure as the rising
of the sun.


THE POWER OF YOUR WORDS, by Don Gossett & E.W. Kenyon, Copyright 1981, Whitaker House.