Don Gossett & E.W. Kenyon

B. Childress
Mar 15 2012

Don't say, "I can't."  The phrase "I can't" is nowhere in the Bible.  Speak God's language.  Say what His Word says.  
Harmonize with heaven by affirming God's Word.  Agree with God by agreeing with His Word.

Don't say, "I can't receive my healing."  Boldly speak it,
"I can receive my healing, for with His stripes I am healed.  I can
receive my healing because Jesus said they shall lay hands on the sick and they shall recover; hands have been laid
upon me, thus I am recovering."

Don't say, "I can't pay my bills."  Rather, declare it emphatically, "I can pay my bills," for my God shall supply all my need
according to His riches in glory by Christ Jesus.  I have honoured the Lord by paying my tithes and giving offerings in
His Name, and He says He will open heaven's windows and pour me out overflowing blessings and will rebuke the
devourer for my sake.  I can pay my bills, because my God supplies the money to meet every need of my life."

Don't say,  "I can't witness in power.  I'm so weak and anemic as a Christian when it comes to giving my testimony."  
Defeat that negative statement by affirming, "
I can witness in power for I have received the Holy Spirit into my life, and
Jesus said I would have power when I possess the mighty indwelling of the Holy Spirit.  I can share my testimony, my
witness for Christ, the message of His salvation with great effectiveness because I am energized by the mighty Holy
Ghost from heaven."

Don't say, "I just can't get my prayers answered."  This kind of expression will close the heavens to your life.  With
assurance, speak out, "
I can receive the answer to my prayers, for Jesus said that whatsoever I ask the Father in His
Name, He will give it to me.  
I can receive mighty answers from God, for He has promised if I would call unto Him, He
would answer me and show me great and mighty things.  I know I can receive the answer to my prayers, for this is my
confidence in Him, that whatsoever I ask, I receive of Him, because I keep His commandments and do those things that
are pleasing in His sight."

Don't say, "I can't see my loved ones won to Jesus Christ."  That's a lie of the devil, and for you to speak it is to give
place to the devil.  Agree with God's promise and declare it,
I can see my loved ones all won to Jesus Christ, for God
has promised that if I believe on the Lord Jesus Christ, not only would I be saved, but also, by believing, my whole
household will be saved.  I shall never fear that my loved ones will be lost forever in hell.  I can see all my loved ones
saved because I am God's instrument to believe for their salvation."

Don't say, "I can't overcome my overweight condition."  Discover the ability of Christ by saying, "I can resist eating rich,
fattening foods.  Through the indwelling Christ, I can avoid high caloric foods.  I can, by Christ's grace, overcome being
a compulsive eater, and eat with moderation, temperance, for my belly shall not be my god.  Hallelujah,  I have
discovered the secret: I can conquer my miserable overweight condition through Jesus Christ who is my strength and
my sufficiency."


THE POWER OF YOUR WORDS, by Don Gossett & E.W. Kenyon, Copyright 1981, Whitaker House.