Don Gossett & E.W. Kenyon

B. Childress
Mar 18 2012

Another desperate Enemy, and a persistent one, is Wrong Confession.

What do I mean by Wrong Confession?

You know that Christianity is really the Great Confession.  Romans 10:9: “Because if thou shalt confess with thy mouth
Jesus as Lord, and shalt believe in thy heart that God raised him from the dead, thou shalt be saved.”

You notice it is a confession here with your lips.

(Whenever the word “Confession” is used we unconsciously think of sin.  It is not confession of sin.  It is a confession of
our knowing that God’s Son died for our sins according to Scripture, and that the third day He was raised again.)

Now, with my mouth I make confession of the Lordship of that raised One.  I not only do that, but with my heart I have
accepted His righteousness and I make confession of my Salvation.

You see there is no such thing as salvation without Confession.

So Hebrews 3:1 becomes clear: “Wherefore, holy brethren, partakers of a heavenly calling, consider the Apostle and
High Priest of our confession, even Jesus.”

You see, Christianity is our Confession.

In Hebrews 4:14 He says, “Let us hold fast our confession.”

What is our Confession?  Why, that God is our Father, we are His Children, we are in His Family.

It is a Confession that our Father knows what our needs are and has made provision to meet every one of them.

It is a Confession of the finished work of Christ, of what I am in Him, and what He is in me.

It is a Confession that “greater is He that is in me, than he that is in the world.”

It is my Confession that my God does supply every need of mine according to His riches in glory.

It is my Confession that when I pray, the Father hears my prayer and answers me.

This is a manifold Confession.

If I were sick, I would maintain my Confession that “by His stripes I am healed.”

If I were weak, I would insist upon this Confession that God is now “the strength of my life,” and I can do all things in Him
who is enabling me with His own ability.

If it is a problem of wisdom, I confess that Jesus has been made unto me Wisdom from God.

Here Are Some Don’ts

Don’t try to believe, just act on the Word.  

Don’t have a double confession so that one moment you confess, “Yes, He heard my prayer I am healed,” or “I will get
the money,” and then begin to question how it is going to come and what you ought to do to get it.

Your latter confession destroys prayer and destroys faith.

Don’t trust in other people’s faith – have your own.

Do your own believing.  Have your own faith as you have your own clothes.  Act on the Word for yourself.

Don’t talk doubt or unbelief.

Never admit that you are a “Doubting Thomas;” that is an insult to your Father.

Don’t talk about sickness and disease.

Never talk about failure.  Talk about the Word, it’s absolute integrity, and of your utter confidence in it; of your ability to
act on it; and hold fast to your confession of its truthfulness.


THE POWER OF YOUR WORDS, by Don Gossett & E.W. Kenyon, Copyright 1981, Whitaker House.