Don Gossett & E.W. Kenyon

B. Childress
Apr 07 2012

Have you ever noticed that the people who constantly talk about sickness have a large portion of it?  Did you ever
observe that those who are talking about fear constantly are usually quite fearful?  If you think it through, you will
discover that the ones who constantly talk about lack, experience lack as their master.  It’s a Bible fact that our words
produce the kind of life we have.  What you confess you possess.  What you say is what you get.  Jesus said, “Out of
the abundance of the heart the mouth speaketh.”

There is a verse in Job that has intrigued me a great deal.  It also represents the power of words.  It is a further Bible
proof that what you say is what you get.  This passage reads like this: “Thou shalt also decree a thing, and it shall be
established unto thee” Job 22:28.  By your words you decree things, and God says, “It shall be established unto thee.”  
It shall become a part of your life.  Confessing or decreeing a thing is a verbal exercise that brings a response:
 It shall
be established unto thee.

This is in harmony with what Jesus said in Mark 11:23, “Whosoever shall say…and doubt not in his heart, but shall
believe that those things which he saith shall come to pass, he shall have whatsoever he saith.”  Whatever you say, or
decree, will become reality in your life.  The Bible says so.

There are many other Bible evidences that verify that what you continually speak is what you will have.  I trust you will
allow these statements of the Bible to sink deeply into your life, that when you decree things, you will have those things
established in your life.  Who says so?  God says so and what God says is right, absolutely right.  And God says that
when you or I decree a thing, it shall be established unto us.  Jesus said it, “He shall have whatsoever he saith.”

These verses, among others, should serve as a challenge to us to be sure to speak words that harmonize with God’s
Word.  We must bring our testimony up to the level of the Holy Scriptures, to train our lips to speak only that which is in
line with “thus saith the Lord.”

The Lord gave me a beautiful healing of a growth on the side of my head that was scheduled for surgery.  I dared to
decree, “by His stripes I am healed.”  After I decreed that, it was established unto me and surely enough by miraculous
intervention, the growth disappeared.

For several years I owed a Saskatchewan radio station several thousand dollars.  It seemed it was almost impossible to
have the money to pay the debt.  I began to affirm, “I decree that my God shall supply all the money to pay the
Saskatchewan radio station.”  God who watches over His word to perform it honored my decree, and it became an
established fact.  On December 31, 1977, I paid off the last $850 of that account, praise the Lord!


Please don’t forget this fact: the devil hears your testimony too.  The Bible says we overcome the devil by the Word of
God in our testimony (Revelation 12:11).  But if we have a testimony that lacks the Word of God in it, then the devil will
easily rout us.  Or if our testimony is not in harmony with God’s Word, then the adversary will usurp an advantage.

If your testimony is one of sickness, then that develops the sickness stronger in your body.  In the face of sickness, let
your testimony courageously be that of God’s own Word.  Say Matthew 8:17, “Jesus Himself took my infirmities and bare
my sickness.”

Talk about God’s Word.  Talk about God’s goodness to you.  Fill your lips with praise for answers to prayers that you
have asked.  As you do so, your faith will grow by leaps and bounds.

On the contrary, if you talk about your trials, your testings, your difficulties, your lack of faith, then your faith will shrivel.  
It will lose its vitality in your life.

The Bible commands in Hebrews 10:23, “let us hold fast our confession of faith, for He is faithful that promised.”  Our
part in this life of faith is to hold fast our confession; God’s part is to fulfill faithfully His Word to us.

I have found that in my years of walking the faith walk, the victories have been mine as I have tenaciously held fast to
God’s Word.  If I departed from God’s Word to my feelings or appearances, then I was defeated.

For instance, when my family and I were hopelessly stuck in Tel Aviv, Israel, it seemed that our plans for extensive
ministry in Africa were stymied.  Every sensual evidence was arrayed against us.  I “heard” the airline agents say we
would not get to Africa for many days.  I “saw” all the other passengers leave – with my family and I standing sadly
behind.  I “felt” the pangs of despair at 2:00 a.m. in the morning.  I knew I must not depart from God’s Word to my
feelings or appearances, for I would be thoroughly whipped.  As I held my heart steady confessing God’s Word, that
supernatural Word prevailed over our dismal circumstances and within hours we were on the way to Africa.

Now the hardest battles in which you’ll ever engage are along this line.  But the greatest victories you’ll ever win will be
those when everything cries out “impossible.”  I do not know everything about theology, about the coming of the Lord,
and all future events.  But this is something I really know by beautiful experience in living the Word: when you dare to
hold fast your confession of God’s Word, impossibilities become realities.

I challenge you; never give in to the adversary.  You and God are masters of the situation.  Always remember that Jesus
met defeat and conquered it.  You are facing defeat everywhere but you face defeat as a master in Jesus’ Name and in
that Name you conquer.  Don’t let down.  Keep up your solid front.  God is for you and you can’t be conquered.

When you state a thing, you actually decree that into your life.  If you decree lack, you’ll have lack as your master.  But
if you decree that God supplies your needs, you’ll know His supply.  If you decree weakness, then you’ll have
weakness.  But if you decree the fact that the Lord is the strength of your life, then you will know His strength.  If you
decree fear, then you’ll have your portion of fearful living.  If you decree God’s supply of courage, then you’ll be
courageous, rather than fearful.

Another reason you have been so defeated in life is because you have talked the language of doubt and unbelief.  You
can’t do that without suffering the consequences.  You talk doubt and doubt will arise like a giant and bind you.  You talk
unbelief and you will know the torment of unbelief the rest of your days.  You talk how weak your faith is, and you’ll be
as weak as the natural man.  But since you are a new creature in Christ Jesus, you should have the vocabulary of the

What you say is what you get.  What you confess is what you possess.  What you decree is what you will experience.  
You talk failure, and whatever you do, you will fail.  I challenge you to make a bold, confident confession.

Dare to be a real Jesus person.  Be a non-conformist to the world crowd.  Be a Jesus man, a Jesus woman.  Be filled
with the love of Jesus.  Be filled with enthusiasm in your work.  Cast out that spirit of fear in Jesus’ Name.  Tackle that
difficult thing today that has plagued your life.

Decree right things, the things of God’s Word and wonderful things will be established unto you.  Make negative
decrees, and negative adverse things will be your portion in life.  

Have rugged faith, the kind of faith that wins.


THE POWER OF YOUR WORDS, by Don Gossett & E.W. Kenyon, Copyright 1981, Whitaker House.