B. Childress        
Mar 22 2011

The Lord's Timeline

(A prophecy given to Bob Jones)

The Decades (3/8/1998)

1950's revealed My power that's coming back your way but I'll not give My power to any that have not shed the
things that displease Me.  And unresolved anger is one of the things that greatly displeases Me and that's what I've been
doing in thee this day - to get the unresolved anger out of you that My glory might rest upon you so that no root of
bitterness or anything might defile many, if I anointed thee with My glory.  So the fifties revealed My power.  And it came
in a mighty way.

1960's revealed My Holy Spirit and the baptism that then began to fall and produce the mighty songs that were lifted
up to Me.

1970's began to reveal the great teachers.  And this is where many of you I began to bring forth to Me.  In the
seventies My teachers began to bring My Word, for My Kingdom is based upon My Word and My Spirit.  These are the
two pillars that I started back in the seventies.

1980's revealed the Spirit of God and My prophets.

1990's revealed My government.  And now My government is in place and in a time of great stress I shall bring forth
My next step.  Toronto was a step.  Brownsville was another step.

My next step will be My Glory.  And signs like you have never seen before....you'll taste the goodness of God.  You'll feel
the presence of God and angels in awesome ways.  You'll hear the songs of heaven and the praise.  And you'll see the
angels and His working mightily bringing your five senses, sanctifying them so that He can show you Himself and all of
your soul your way. For what I have just described you see is your soul.  He's been dealing in your spirit and He has for a
while.  But now He is after the rest of you; the soul, that He might use it to bring a new day.  So yes, get ready for God's

What's next....

2010's will bring the faith of God.  To speak creative miracles, to change the storms, to shut up the heavens or loose up
the heavens.

2020-2030's - Faith shall bring a new day.  And it shall be an army of love and a maturity and a brand new way.  For it
shall be called the family of God joined together in a unity.  The most powerful force that the world has ever seen and
shall ever see in all her days.

2040's -  will reveal the finger of God.  You are getting ready and in preparation to where the church has total authority
over the devil and has that power of the finger of God in their lives to cast Satan out.  

2050's - will be the sons and daughters of God, that the Father will turn all authority over to.  He already has, but the
only reason He is holding back is because you would kill one another.  So what He is saying is I want you to grow up.

B. Childress
Mar 08 2011

Good Morning Sons and Daughters,

I AM drawing My true sons and daughters closer to Me to form My Army - those who sought after Me and with whom I
have developed an intimate relationship.  These are those who hear My voice and follow My leading.  These are those
who seek My will in their affairs including ministry.  These are those who praise Me continually.  These are those who
give Me the glory.  These are those who will wear My Glory.  These are those who will soon advance into the nations to
do great exploits (signs, miracles, and wonders) with Me as we will be as One.

I AM reaching out to all of you today to come, draw nearer to Me, speak My Kingdom Prayer of Salvation, which will
prepare you for your new wineskin.  Allow Me to deliver you, shape you, mold you, and condition you as I AM the potter
and you are the clay.  

I know that most of you are not ready for that which awaits you in the upcoming years.  There has been a shifting in the
spiritual realm and Satan and his forces have already begun to unleashing all forms of destruction upon the human
race.  The end of days is already upon you - can you see it all around you?  Have there not been wars and rumors of
wars and other disasters?

My ministry on earth,
Life in Jesus-ministries, provides the covering you need in this hour.


I love you all.......

B. Childress
Feb 26 2011

Good Evening Sons and Daughters,

I AM pursuing you - I AM pursuing a deeper more intimate relationship with you.  A relationship wherein we become One.  
Vessels through whom I can manifest My plans and purposes in the earth.  Vessels through whom I can live My life.  
Vessels that will yield to Me  enabling Me to heal, deliver, and to perform greater miracles than any man has ever
witnessed.  Are you that vessel?

I have reached out to all of you to draw nearer to Me, for these are the end of days.  My arms are still outstretched: I AM
ready to receive you.

I have met with great resistance from many of you.  You persist in doing things your way - in the arm of the flesh.  The
spirit of religion has blinded you to the truth in the Word and continues to stand between us.  It is written,  

Every tree that bringeth not forth good fruit is hewn down, and cast into the fire.  Wherefore by their fruits ye shall know
them.  Not every one that saith unto me, Lord, Lord, shall enter into the kingdom of heaven; but he that doeth the will of
my Father which is in heaven.  Many will say to me in that day, Lord, Lord, have we not prophesied in thy name? and in
thy name have cast out devils? and in thy name done many wonderful works? And then will I profess unto them, I never
knew you: depart from me, ye that work iniquity.
"  Matthew 7:19-23  

Judge yourselves.

I love you all.......

B. Childress
Feb 14 2011

Good Evening Sons and Daughters,

The following is a Word imparted to a well-known Prophet, Sandy Warner.

Read fully that you might understand that in 2011 I will be revealed through My Sons and Daughters.



Psalm 111 NKJV

Praise the Lord! I will praise the Lord with my whole heart, in the assembly of the upright and in the congregation. 2 The
works of the Lord are great, studied by all who have pleasure in them. 3 His work is honorable and glorious, and His
righteousness endures forever. 4 He has made His wonderful works to be remembered; the Lord is gracious and full of
compassion. 5 He has given food to those who fear Him; He will ever be mindful of His covenant. 6 He has declared to His
people the power of His works, in giving them the heritage of the nations. 7 The works of His hands are verity and justice;
All His precepts are sure. 8 They stand fast forever and ever, and are done in truth and uprightness. 9 He has sent
redemption to His people; He has commanded His covenant forever: Holy and awesome is His name. 10 The fear of the
Lord is the beginning of wisdom; A good understanding have all those who do His commandments. His praise endures

Prophet Bob Jones was told by the Lord that the number of the Psalms was the Psalms of the year.  When I first heard
about this, I went backwards and thought of all the major events, memorial stones in my life (good and bad) and wow was
I surprised to see them in the scripture of that year!  

When I read Psalms 111, there were three things that stood out to me as significant.  


Psalms 111 speaks about the works of the Lord 7 times.  (Including the word they) Since there are only 10 verses, 7
mentions is a lot.  The Psalm is obviously about the works of the Lord.  The Psalms uses 3 different words for works.

In verses 2,6 & 7, the Hebrew word "Ma`aseh" is used 3 times and it means the action (either good or bad) of the Lord.  
When looked up in the Englishman's Concordance to see how they use the word, it is basically about an action or what is
produced through ones businss or work of hands.

ma`aseh (mah-as-eh'); from OT:6213; an action (good or bad); generally, a transaction; abstractly, activity; by
implication, a product (specifically, a poem) or (generally) property:

KJV - act, art,  bakemeat, business, deed, do (-ing), labor, thing made, ware of making, occupation, thing offered,
operation, possession,  well, ([handy-, needle-, net-]) work (ing, -manship), wrought.

In verse 3, the Hebrew word "po`al" is used which also means an act or work as in doing a deed.


po`al (po'-al); from OT:6466; an act or work (concretely):

KJV - act, deed, do, getting, maker, work.

In verse 4, the Hebrew word "pala' " speaks about His spectacular works in the earth like miracles, signs and wonders.


pala' (paw-law'); a primitive root; properly, perhaps to separate, i.e. distinguish (literally or figuratively); by implication, to
be (causatively, make) great, difficult, wonderful:

KJV - accomplish, (arise ... too, be too) hard, hidden, things too high, (be, do, do a, shew) marvelous (-ly, -els, things,
work), miracles, perform, separate, make singular, (be, great, make) wonderful (-ers, -ly, things, works), wondrous
(things, works, -ly).

With so many mentions of the word, "works" of the Lord, it is very obvious that we are going to see God invade earth this
year.  He is going to intervene and make His actions and deeds known!  

Here are the adverbs that describes His works in 2011!  We will see and experience that His works are the following!

"Great, studied, pleasured, honorable, glorious, remembered, power, giving a heritage, verity (stable, certain), justice,
sure, standing forever, truth, upright.


Verse one has a wonderful promise in the Hebrew!

Ps 111 NKJV

Praise the Lord! I will praise the Lord with my whole heart, in the assembly {5475} of the upright and in the congregation.
Here is the verse in Young's Literal Translation
Praise ye Jah! I thank Jehovah with the whole heart, In the secret meeting of the upright, and of the company.


cowd (sode); from OT:3245; a session, i.e. company of persons (in close deliberation); by implication, intimacy,
consultation, a secret:

KJV - assembly, consel, inward, secret (counsel).


yacad (yaw-sad'); a primitive root; to set (literally or figuratively); intensively, to found; reflexively, to sit down together, i.e.
settle, consult:

KJV - appoint, take counsel, establish, (lay the, lay for a) found (-ation), instruct, lay, ordain, set,  sure.

Some people this year will be involved in gathering together in order to make foundational decisions of importance.  This
may have far reaching ramifications in regards to meetings on earth.  But the Lord gave me the following scripture, that
some of the righteous will be taken to heaven and sit among those who make decisions on behalf of the earth:

Zech 3:6-10  NKJV

Then the Angel of the Lord admonished Joshua, saying,

7  Thus says the Lord of hosts:
'If you will walk in My ways,
And if you will keep My command,
Then you shall also judge My house,
And likewise have charge of My courts;
I will give you places to walk
Among these who stand here.

8 'Hear, O Joshua, the high priest,
You and your companions who sit before you,
For they are a wondrous sign;
For behold, I am bringing forth My Servant the BRANCH.

9 For behold, the stone
That I have laid before Joshua:
Upon the stone are seven eyes.
Behold, I will engrave its inscription,'

Says the Lord of hosts,
'And I will remove the iniquity of that land in one day.

10 In that day,' says the Lord of hosts,
'Everyone will invite his neighbor
Under his vine and under his fig tree.'"


Psalm 111:6 NKJV

He has declared to His people the power of His works, in giving them the heritage of the nations.
Ministries will be given the nations this year and have greater impact in sharing the gospel of Jesus Christ.

The Amplified version stood out to me:

Psalm  111:6 AMP

He has declared and shown to His people the power of His works in giving them the heritage of the nations [of Canaan].
Allegorically speaking, this is the year we begin to inherit our spiritual promises, in the same way that Israel occupied
Canaan by driving out the demonic standing in our way of inheriting our personal promises of God.  We may face giants,
but through the power of prayer and obedience without presumption, the power of God will go before us and we will walk
forward in order to occupy what He has promised.  Read the following description of the Hebrew word, "power' and see
the means of how He will display His power!


koach (ko'-akh); or (Dan 11:6) kowach (ko'-akh); from an unused root meaning to be firm; vigor, literally (force, in a good
or a bad sense) or figuratively (capacity, means, produce); also (from its hardiness) a large lizard: -ability, able,
chameleon, force, fruits, might, power (-ful), strength, substance, wealth.  

B. Childress
Feb 04 2011

Good Evening Sons and Daughters,

2011 is the year that
I AM REVEALED in My true Sons and Daughters. We have become One.  

2011 is the year that I will begin to bring order to My Church.

2011 marks the beginning of divine connections, divine appointments, and divine alignments.

2011 marks the beginning of divine visitations.

2011 marks the beginning of the latter rain.

2011 marks the beginning of greater manifestations of My Glory.

2011 marks the beginning of the greatest shaking of all things as you know them to be.

2011 - My Army will march.


I love you all.......

B. Childress
FEB 26 2011

Good Afternoon Sons and Daughters,

The spirit of religion prevails.  The spirit of religion prevails.  It is apparent that most of you have chosen to remain
blinded by the spirit of religion.  It is apparent that most of you have chosen to dwell in darkness.  It is apparent that most
of you have chosen to carry the spirit of religion with you, wherever you go.  I AM going to leave it that way.  When you
see the Sons and Daughters wearing the light of My Glory, then you will realize your condition.

I know who has spoken the Kingdom Prayer of Salvation, the ones who love Me, the ones who are willing to sacrifice their
all for Me.  I have already planted seeds in your countries: from this seed will sprout up many who will consecrate
themselves to Me for My end-time plans and purposes.

I have extended invitations for all those who would join Me and My Army and I have stood with open arms to welcome
each one.  This is it.  This is your last chance to speak the Kingdom Prayer of Salvation, consecrate/commit your all to
Me, come to Me in humility and sincerity and with an open mind - open to be obedient to Me and My Word.  

This is the last email most of you will receive as I will indicate to My servant who should be stricken from her contacts.

2011 - I AM REVEALED and I will reveal those who are not mine.

I love you all.......

B. Childress
Jan 21 2011

Good Evening Sons and Daughters,

I have extended an invitation to all of you to join Me in the reaping of the harvest.  In order for you to succeed, you must
do it My way, in My power, and with My protection.

In addition, you must be wholly for Me: having consecrated your all to Me so that I can move freely through you.  I will not
violate your will.  With a willing heart I desire your participation in this end-time event as well as your friendship, for we are

I have outlined My plans and purposes in this season in detail and they have not changed, nor will they change.

I AM ready, are you?

B. Childress
Jan 14 2011

Good Evening Sons and Daughters,

I AM announcing Who I AM in 2011 - I AM Revealed.  I will be revealed in and through that company of believers known
as My Army.

My Glory will be manifested within the earth through My Sons and Daughters who have been purged in fire, who have
been clothed in new wine skins, who are ready to be filled with all of Me (My Glory):  I will be manifesting Myself through
each and every one of them.  My will, plans, and purposes in this season for this generation will be manifested through
them: they have accepted My invitation, they have been through great trials and tribulations, and they have made great
sacrifices - not only for themselves, but for others as well.  They have been made ready to advance into all parts of the
world - ready to set My Church in order.

There are still many who daily seek My face to know and understand My plans and purposes  for their individual lives and
ministries, they are studying My Word, and they are being trained by the Holy Spirit especially as it concerns spiritual
warfare.  Many of you do not understand that powers and principalities hover over regions, those spirits of darkness, that
oppress the people of a particular region blinding men to the Truth, creating strongholds, creating confusion and
violence, and a hardening of one's heart to My love and grace.

"For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the
rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places."
Ephesians 6:12   

This must be dealt with and My Army will deal with these strongholds:  they will be supernaturally enabled in their physical
bodies and supernaturally protected.  It will be then and only then that I will be able to draw the lost to Myself.  

There is a great harvest to reap way before My return.  Join with Me.

I love you all.......

B. Childress
Jan 07 2011

Good Evening Sons and Daughters,

In 2011, I will be revealed through those who have consecrated their lives to Me.  These are those who have committed
their all to My plans and purposes in the earth in this season.  These are those who have been purged, baptized in fire,
broken, and yet they have continued to walk in My will.  These are those who made great sacrifices that My will be done
on earth as it is in heaven: these are those who form My Army for these end-times.

These are those who are slowly emerging from the wilderness: I will restore all things to them in abundance.  I will clothe
them in My Glory.  I will place them in every part of the world that I might be made known throughout the land.  These are
those who will walk in My will at all times, who will seek My face in every situation, who will judge situations and people,
who will declare a thing and I will honor their declarations: these are those who will walk, who will talk, and who will act in
great power - My power magnified.

We are now one - My Army and Myself.  Yea and Amen.  It is done.

I AM beckoning...come!

I love you all.......