Susan O'Marra

From:‭ ‬Prophecy From Jesus‭ <‬revelator77777‭@‬gmail.com‭>
Subject:‭ ‬Detailed Vision Of God's Kingdom Coming Into the Earth‭
Date:‭ ‬March‭ ‬10,‭ ‬2013‭ ‬10:22:51‭ ‬AM CDT

In the vision,‭ ‬I was looking at the world from a suspended position.‭ ‬I could see people and areas from a panoramic
position and also at times,‭ ‬I saw things close up.‭ ‬The position varied as it did with the scenes and with the messages that
I was given to understand by the experiences given to me.

I saw what looked to me like great fiery rain coming from heaven and it came in great drops or elongated streams.‭ ‬It was
not like the natural rain that we know of,‭ ‬but it was like spiritually infused living molten lava,‭ ‬a real fire,‭ ‬but it was Living
Spirit‭; ‬the living fiery essence of the Father that was raining down towards the inhabitants below.

As I watched,‭ ‬I saw that it fell simultaneously in one great event all over the earth.‭ ‬But it did not fall everywhere,‭ ‬and it did
not upon everyone.‭ ‬It rained down suddenly and I saw that many people did see‭ ‬ it coming from above as it
happened,‭ ‬as it was a real physical event that men could actually experience and see,‭ ‬but it was also a divine event that
not all men would experience,‭ ‬but I understood that men would know that God had entered into the corporate natural
affairs of men divinely again.

It was not a slow natural event like a storm or a weather phenomenon that you could track,‭ ‬or follow and
monitor,‭ ‬actually,‭ ‬from my perspective it looked like a slow unfolding event,‭ ‬but I understood that it actually happened
very fast.‭ ‬I was just being given an enhanced view for my understanding and learning.

The raining fire of the Father that I saw falling was the Real Living Essence of the Father Himself that was
being released upon those whom He had prepared to receive it below.‭ ‬It was interesting to watch this happen,‭ ‬as it fell
upon people whom you would not expect nor think that it would,‭ ‬or even that it would not,‭ ‬by our thinking or reasoning of

The fiery rain would come down and fall upon a particular person who would be either aware of it falling or not be aware
of it falling at that particular moment,‭ ‬but when it did hit them,‭ ‬they underwent a sudden tremendous change.‭ ‬I watched
close up as the living fire seemed to penetrate into them and infuse itself or radiate itself throughout their beings and
bodies.‭ ‬They literally became the very same Essence of the Father that the rain was that had fell upon them.‭ ‬Their eyes
burned with a new life and even their skin was changed.‭ ‬It was not like ours now.‭ ‬It had a different texture or spiritual
component to it’s makeup,‭ ‬and the fire flowed throughout their skin like a radiance,‭ ‬but it was not just an outward surface
shining,‭ ‬but it was n internal radiance from within the skin layers itself.‭ ‬It was not like human skin as we know it,‭ ‬the
qualities had been divinely altered,‭ ‬and the people now had new natures.‭ ‬I did not fully understand all of this
process,‭ ‬but it was real and it was new.‭ ‬They were of a different spirit,‭ ‬as they now embodied the divine in such a way
that we have yet to experience up to now.

The people who were infused would now physically embody the divine fire,‭ ‬but it also lived through them and it became
them as they became it,‭ ‬also.‭ ‬They did not lose their individual personalities through the process,‭ ‬but each person was
still their own unique vessel,‭ ‬but they were also now divinely infused and were more divinely aware of God and
understood their earthly purpose now.‭ ‬The fire seemed to fully express itself within them so that it flowed outwardly also
by the transformation that was happening to them.‭ ‬By this I mean that there was such a Holiness and a terrible Presence
of the Father in them and on them,‭ ‬that you knew that God the Father walked in them,‭ ‬and that He was now walking
through them in a manner that we have yet to experience in any generation yet.‭ ‬God was manifesting Himself in a people
just like He did with Jesus,‭ ‬when Jesus walked amongst us.‭ ‬But now these people did it openly.

I then watched in the vision from a view further away,‭ ‬and I saw that it indeed only fell upon some and not on
upon others.‭ ‬The selection of who it fell upon was the Father’s and not of any man.‭ ‬Most of those that I saw that it fell
upon were some people were very weary and very embattled people.‭ ‬From earthly standards,‭ ‬we probably wouldn’t have
thought that they would amount to anything by their current life and their struggles that they have endured.‭ ‬But I
understood that their unique trials and their life’s struggles that they lived out had actually served to prepared them for
this new infusion that now came from the Father.

One man that I saw in particular that received the fiery rain was very emotionally and spiritually broken.‭ ‬He had endured
much physical hardship and I understood that he had endured much persecution from the church.‭ ‬He had been
misunderstood most of his life and he also had thought that he had failed God and that he had missed God and that he
had lost his place.‭ ‬But God used these things in his life to lead him closer to Himself and to purify this man to be able to
be one that would become His chosen vessel.‭ ‬He was very beloved by the Lord and he had learned humility through the
suffering which caused him to rise above the hardness and the hatred that’s in the world,‭ ‬even though he did not
understand why his life was this way.

Not every person that I saw was as broken as this man was that had received this infusion,‭ ‬I was just given to notice
certain ones for my own learning and for our beneficial clarity.‭ ‬Many of the people I saw seemed to be living successful
lives and seemed to be spiritually healthy or spiritually active in their walks in spite of the hour in which they lived in.‭ ‬But
the common factor that I noticed with them all was that they each had undergone recent trials and they were currently
experiencing various levels of spiritual warfare and were in various stages of purging by the Lord in their walks.‭ ‬Most did
not understand the full reason why their lives were embattled,‭ ‬nor understand the full plan of God behind it all,‭ ‬but they
did seek god in the midst of it all.

Another person I noticed was one that did not receive the divine infusion.‭ ‬But rather,‭ ‬this person watched as others were
filled and was angry and yelled at God.‭ ‬One man I saw screamed out that he was one of the servants that had
prophesied of it’s coming,‭ ‬and had taught on it,‭ ‬so he should be one that received it and that he deserved it.‭ ‬He was
angry that the Father did not give it to him.‭ ‬I was afraid as I saw this in the vision,‭ ‬as I knew that his anger was pride and
arrogance and that the Father was just in this,‭ ‬for this man’s heart was not truly right.‭ ‬I also knew that this man would fall
as he did not have the right heart necessary to stand in the next hour and to fulfill his course successfully.‭ ‬He had
allowed the pride of position and the pride that comes from being used by God to bring forth revelation from God to
others,‭ ‬to cause him to be disqualified and to harden his heart.‭ ‬I feared the Lord as I watched,‭ ‬for I knew that we
all stand by Grace,‭ ‬and not one of us can receive anything from God unless we truly believe and unless we truly are fully
surrendered to Him in every way.

I divinely understood that it was a matter of the individual’s heart before God,‭ ‬and not just on his outward qualifications,‭ ‬
knowledge,‭ ‬or training.‭ ‬God walks with each of His People,‭ ‬and He daily leads them on their life’s journey,‭ ‬and what they
learn throughout their experiences and through their dependence upon God through it,‭ ‬determines their receptiveness
or not.‭ ‬God desires that we utterly trust Him,‭ ‬that we utterly love Him,‭ ‬and that we utterly believe Him.‭ ‬Even though we
each experience different levels of trials and events in our personal journeys,‭ ‬the lessons are the same for all men.‭ ‬We
must each come to a death of our own ego and self life and we must come to a deeper personal knowledge of God and
into an intimate relationship with God.‭ ‬Our responses to God in our life’s process will determine if we will walk fully with
Him or not,‭ ‬and if we will allow Him to change us into what he wants us to be.‭ ‬God sees us all and knows each of our
hearts.‭ ‬He knows who will let Him have His full and complete way in their lives.‭ ‬Even though we might think we have failed
Him,‭ ‬because of the severity of our individual paths and trials,‭ ‬and also because we did not understand the process of
why we were in the events,‭ ‬the Father knows the depths of what lies deep within each of us.

I watched as others were transformed here and there,‭ ‬and it was also a very shocking event on the earth as it was so
sudden and unexpected.‭ ‬It also did not come in the manner in which we had been taught from the church leaders,‭ ‬but it
came as it had been ordained from the Father,‭ ‬for this generation.‭ ‬There was worldwide upheaval as the newly infused
people began to quickly then be sent out by the Father all over the earth on the Father’s business,‭ ‬and the people
around them realized that they did not receive what the others had.‭ ‬There was a lot of crying out from people all around
also,‭ ‬as this event also produced a huge surge of spiritual searching and even chaos in the church as the people who
were not infused questioned the established church leaders of their knowledge of this event and it’s significance.

I also was given to know that out of those who did not receive the infusion of the Fiery Essence,‭ ‬this did not mean that
they were not the Lord’s people.‭ ‬It just meant that they had missed the divine release because of their lack of inner
spiritual preparation and that they had not fully developed their hearts before God in their relationships in a timely
manner for this event.‭ ‬They were still God’s children,‭ ‬but they had missed the opportunity to be used in this higher divine
manner for the next stages of events that would come upon the earth.‭ ‬There was a great sorrow expressed over this
reality,‭ ‬as many of them realized that they did not fully lay hold of the higher call or obtain to the mark that God had set
for them all to achieve.

What I did see was that this divine event caused a great sobering wave to spread across the church and also a wave
of a great determination to seek God exploded across the church and also across the globe.‭ ‬Many began to rise up and
decide to be purified themselves and they began to sacrifice everything to obey God,‭ ‬but it did not come as a reality in
their lives until after these events happened.‭ ‬Nevertheless,‭ ‬this event served to bring about the corporate
awakening and the rising up of the majority of the true Body of Christ across the globe.‭ ‬Many now questioned what they
had been spiritually taught by others,‭ ‬and many returned to studying the Word and they began to search it out for
themselves.‭ ‬A new respect for the Church began to also spread amongst the Christian people,‭ ‬as they realized the
reality of being the Body of Christ,‭ ‬and repentance began to burst forth and a new sense of purpose caused them to not
persecute one another,‭ ‬but to see each other as Christ.

This event also brought about much chaos,‭ ‬fear,‭ ‬confusion,‭ ‬and anger amongst the unbelieving Christians,‭ ‬and among
the religious,‭ ‬and especially the general world populations.‭ ‬Great persecution also immediately broke out against the
divine fire,‭ ‬as many did not understand it and they feared it.‭ ‬The newly infused people of God were not like them
anymore,‭ ‬as they had been divinely changed,‭ ‬and this caused much panic and turmoil.‭ ‬But it also caused revival
to break out and a great fear of the reality of God to began to be spread worldwide.

The devil was also greatly enraged as the Divine Essence now was embodied again in the earth,‭ ‬and he no longer had
dominion over God’s people to prevent them anymore,‭ ‬and a great resistance and opposition and war broke out in many
areas as the Divine Light now clashed with the darkness.‭ ‬I saw great upheavals and war in many areas,‭ ‬but also great
restorations and great Light begin to spread throughout God’s people all across the globe.‭ ‬The Father is in full
control of the earthly events,‭ ‬even those to come and He is active in all of the affairs of men.

The vision ended.

Susan OMarra      ‭