Derek Prince

B. Childress
Oct 17 2008 08:00AM

In the Greek of the New Testament, there are two different words for
shield.  One is a small, circular shield, shaped
more or less like a large, round, flat wicker basket.  The other one is a long rectangular shield and is taken from the
word for a door because it is shaped somewhat like a door.  This is the kind of shield Paul spoke of when he said "the
shield of faith" (Ephesians 6:16).

A properly trained Roman legionary could use that shield so that no part of his body could be reached by the missiles of
the enemy.  It protected him completely.  This is the kind of faith Paul was speaking about when he referred to it as a
shield.  When we go out against Satan, if we begin to cause him any trouble, you can be sure he will counterattack.  
First, he may counterattack our minds, our hearts, our bodies, or our finances, so we need to have a shield that covers
us.  He will attack any area he can reach.  If he cannot attack us, he will attack those closest to us.  If you are a married
man, the first thing that Satan will attack is your wife.  It is almost to be guaranteed.  That is one of the ways he will get
back at you.  You must have a shield big enough to protect everything for which God has made you responsible,
including yourself, your family, and everything God has committed to you.  I (Derek Prince) was ministering once to a
woman who had a demon of suicide.  At a certain point, she received a very definite, dramatic deliverance, and she
knew she was free.  Together, we praised and thanked God.  The next day, she came back to see me and related this
remarkable incident.  She said that just about the time she received her deliverance, her husband was driving along the
highway in his open pickup truck, and their German shepherd dog was standing (as the dog always loved to do) in the
back of the truck.  For no reason, while the truck was traveling at high speed, the shepherd dog suddenly jumped out
and was instantly killed.  

The moment she told me that, I (Derek Prince) understood that the demon of suicide that had left the woman had gone
into the dog.  Satan attacked the nearest thing he could reach.  I learned a lesson I trust I will never need to learn
Whenever I minister deliverance to people, I always claim the protection of faith in the blood of
Jesus over everything that is connected with them
.  Nothing like that has ever happened to me again.  This
taught me the importance of the shield of faith as a great, door-shaped shield that protects everything God has
committed to us.

Faith is indicated twice in this list of the armor (Ephesians 6:14,16).  The breastplate (verse 14) is "
faith and love" (I
Thessalonians 5:8) and the shield is the "
shield of faith" (Ephesians 6:16).  Each use of "faith" must be understood
slightly differently.  The breastplate is faith for our own personal righteousness, but the shield is faith for protection and
provision for ourselves and all whom God has committed to us.  It is that which covers everything.

I (Derek Prince) learned this in a vivid way at the beginning of my radio ministry.  When I got launched into this ministry,
it was remarkable how many things simultaneously went wrong in the office and in production.  Equipment that should
have functioned perfectly suddenly ceased to function.  Personnel became sick; messages went astray.  Confusion
broke loose in our usually well-ordered organization.

Then I realized I was required to stretch out the shield of faith.  Satan was counterattacking, and he could not reach me,
personally, so he attacked something that I depended upon - those who supported my ministry.  But I held out the shield
of faith, rebuked that power of confusion, and peace and order were restored.  Once again, I learned a lesson.  We
must hold out a shield of faith for full protection and provision.


Spiritual Warfare, by Derek Prince, Copyright 1987, Whitaker House.