Derek Prince

B. Childress
Oct 24 2008 08:00AM

We have now covered all six items of protective armor.  They are the
girdle of truth, the breastplate of salvation,
the shoes of the preparation of the Gospel, the shield of faith, the helmet of salvation, and the sword of the
Spirit, which is the Word of God
.  If we put on  and use this entire protective equipment that God has provided, we
are totally protected from the crown of our head to the soles of our feet, except for one area.

The one area for which there is no protection is our back.  I (Derek Prince)believe this is very significant and has a
twofold application.  First, never turn your back on the Devil because if you do, you are giving him an opportunity to
wound you in an unprotected area.  In other words, never give up.  Never turn around and say, "I've had enough.  I
can't stand this.  I can't take anymore."  That is turning your unprotected back to the Devil, and you can be sure he will
avail himself of the opportunity to wound you.

Second, We are not always able to protect our own back.  In the legions of Rome, foot soldiers fought in close ranks.  
The Greek word  for such a close rank was a
phalanx.  They were trained to fight this way and to never break rank.  
Every soldier knew the soldier on his right and on his left so that if he was being hard-pressed and could not protect his
own back, there would be another soldier to do it for him.

I (Derek Prince), believe the same is true with us, as Christians.  We cannot go out as isolated individuals and take on
the Devil's kingdom.  We must come under discipline, find our place in the body (which is the army of Christ), and know
who stands on our right and who stands on our left.  We must be able to trust our fellow soldiers.  Then, when we are
under pressure, we ought to know who will be there to protect our back when we cannot protect it.

I (Derek Prince) have been in the ministry nearly forty years and have seen a great deal.  The real tragedy of our
Christian experience is that the very person who protects your back sometimes wounds you.  How often we, as
Christians, are wounded in the back by our fellow Christians.  That is something that never ought to happen.  Let us
make up our minds to stand together, protect one another's backs, and not wound one another.


Spiritual Warfare, by Derek Prince, Copyright 1987, Whitaker House.