Vision‭ ‬1‭ ‬of‭ ‬5‭ ‬The Bridge
by Bill Burns
December‭ ‬21,‭ ‬2008‭
9:50:26‭ ‬A.M.‭
‬Faith Tabernacle
P.‭ ‬O.‭ ‬Box‭ ‬1148‭
‬Kremmling,‭ ‬Colorado‭ ‬80459‭

In a vision I saw a bridge that the Lord was building,‭ ‬and then that vision has expanded so that I saw more of the details
of what was taking place.‭ ‬I saw a city,‭ ‬and I asked the Lord,‭ "‬What City is this‭?"

‬The Master answered,‭ "‬The name of this city is Christian City‭; ‬it represents the church.‭ ‬But,‭ ‬it will soon be called
Babylon.‭" ‬He then asked me a question,‭ "‬What are they doing‭?"

‬I quickly went from house to house,‭ ‬and then I gave this report:‭ ‬They are watching television and the news reports about
the election results in America,‭ ‬and they are discussing what will come of all of this.‭

‬The Lord then said,‭ "‬What did you learn from watching‭?" ‬I replied,‭ "‬American is divided.‭" ‬He then said,‭ "‬As it is in the
natural,‭ ‬so it will be with the church.‭ ‬Watch and learn.‭" ‬As I watched,‭ ‬an angel flew over the city and cried out with a loud
voice,‭ "‬Come out of her,‭ ‬you people of the Lord,‭ ‬for the Master is calling you to come out from among them and touch
not the unclean things of this world.‭ ‬The time is short‭; ‬come and follow your Jesus.‭"

‬I watched in amazement,‭ ‬for most of those in the city were to engrossed with the cares of their world to answer the call.‭ ‬
However,‭ ‬some had listened,‭ ‬and some had obeyed,‭ ‬and they came forth from the city.‭ ‬As they gathered together for
the journey I noticed that each one brought their baggage with them.‭ ‬Some carried only a brief case‭; ‬some had a couple
of suitcases‭; ‬some were pulling a small cart filled with an assortment of bags.‭

‬The angel then called to the people and told them to follow the trail called‭ "‬Zion's Way‭" ‬to the top of the mountain.‭ ‬The
people obeyed and followed the ancient pathway to the top of the mountain.‭ ‬It was quite a hard journey for those who
were pulling carts because the path was narrow,‭ ‬and it was also steep.‭

‬They all made it to the top of the mountain,‭ ‬but they came to a deep canyon,‭ ‬and they could proceed no further.‭ ‬They
camped there not knowing what to do.‭ ‬At this point the Lord began to speak to them,‭ ‬and this is what He said:‭ "‬You are
here because you have each desired to know Me,‭ ‬and this is why you were able to hear Me.‭ ‬That is why you have
obeyed the command to follow Me.‭ ‬Many of you desire to know me better than you do now.‭ ‬You have often struggled
because of unbelief,‭ ‬but as you cross over this canyon,‭ ‬your desires shall be fulfilled.‭ ‬The name of the mountain that
you are camped on is called Second Day.‭ ‬The mountain across the canyon is Mount Zion.‭ ‬That is your destination.‭"

‬Some of those in the camp said,‭ "‬But,‭ ‬Lord,‭ ‬how shall we cross over‭?" ‬The Master replied,‭ "‬Examine yourselves now.‭ ‬Do
any of you have any faith‭? ‬I say that all things are possible with God.‭ ‬Do you have any faith‭?"

‬A few of the people said,‭ "‬Yes,‭ ‬Lord,‭ ‬we believe that if you want us to go to Zion,‭ ‬then you will make a way.‭" ‬The Lord of
Hosts then commanded the angels to gather up the faith of those who had spoken and said,‭ "‬Build My bridge.‭" ‬The
angels then brought the faith of those who spoke to the edge of the canyon and began to build.‭

‬As the angels picked up the faith of the people,‭ ‬their faith took on the shape of various sizes of bricks,‭ ‬depending on the
faith that was produced.‭ ‬As the angels set the bricks in place,‭ ‬the Master Builder‭ (‬Jesus‭) ‬would bind them together with a
substance which I knew was His glory.‭ ‬As His glory touched each brick,‭ ‬the bricks became larger,‭ ‬and the work was

‬This work quickened the faith of the people,‭ ‬and soon shouts of faith were heard throughout the camp,‭ ‬and more
building bricks were produced.‭ ‬The work was progressing quite well when an angel came and posted a sign at the
gateway to the bridge which read:‭ "‬This bridge leads to Zion.‭ ‬As you cross over,‭ ‬you will enter into the Third Day.‭ ‬The
name of the bridge is the Narrow Way,‭ ‬and you cannot take any of your baggage with you.‭"

‬The bridge was,‭ ‬indeed,‭ ‬very narrow and had hand rails on it that would not allow any baggage to be carried across it.‭ ‬
The bridge was designed so that it was necessary that one's hands remain in contact with the rails to insure a safe
journey.‭ ‬The name of the rails was hope.‭

‬At this point I began to see that each piece of baggage had a name on it.‭ ‬I saw bondage and unbelief labels on some,‭ ‬
and others were called compromise,‭ ‬works of the flesh,‭ ‬fear,‭ ‬and many other things that had become attachments to this
world.‭ ‬I had also noticed that those who carried brief cases had never set them down...not even for a moment.‭ ‬The
labels on the brief cases were identifying different kinds of ministries.‭

‬The Master then spoke,‭ "‬This canyon represents a further place of division.‭ ‬The baggage that you have brought with
you belongs to the Second Day,‭ ‬and you cannot bring it with you.‭ ‬You must decide,‭ ‬for those things cannot be brought
into the Third Day.‭ ‬If you will leave your baggage and cross over by faith,‭ ‬I will deliver you from the bondages of the
Second Day and bring you into the glory of the Third Day where all things become new.‭ ‬This is the time of the Great
Crossover.‭ ‬Come,‭ ‬My people,‭ ‬for the bridge is finished.‭ ‬Cross over now before the night comes and the way cannot be
found.‭ ‬Forget those things which are behind you,‭ ‬and press forward into a bright and glorious new day.‭"

‬To my delight,‭ ‬most of the people who had followed the Master to the mountain top crossed over.‭ ‬They left their
baggage,‭ ‬and by faith crossed the bridge.‭ ‬But,‭ ‬not all‭; ‬some could not bear to give up their possessions,‭ ‬and like the
rich young ruler they went back down the mountain,‭ ‬back to Babylon and bondage.‭

‬The sun was now setting,‭ ‬and back down the valley I could see the dim lights of the city.‭ ‬It was now time for me to also
cross the bridge.‭ ‬As I reached the other side of the canyon,‭ ‬the darkness was behind me,‭ ‬and I could see a great light
before me.‭ ‬This was the light of Zion,‭ ‬the city set upon the mountain of the Lord.‭ ‬The echo of the Master's words have
persuaded me,‭ "‬Cross over‭; ‬cross over now,‭ ‬for deep darkness is coming upon the earth,‭ ‬but the light of My glory shall
rest upon My people.‭"

‬What about you‭? ‬Will you lay aside your baggage and the sin that so easily besets you‭? ‬Will you come and cross over
the bridge of faith‭? ‬Will you come to the mountain of the Lord‭?

‬Micah‭ ‬4:1-2--Now it shall come to pass in the latter days That the mountain of the Lord's house Shall be established on
the top of the mountains,‭ ‬and shall be exalted above the hills‭; ‬and peoples shall flow to it.‭ ‬Many nations shall come and
say,‭ "‬Come,‭ ‬and let us go up to the mountain of the LORD,‭ ‬To the house of the God of Jacob‭; ‬He will teach us His ways,‭ ‬
and we shall walk in His paths.‭" ‬For out of Zion the law shall go forth,‭ ‬and the word of the LORD from Jerusalem.