Vision‭ ‬3‭ ‬of‭ ‬5‭ ‬THE THRONES OF DAVID
by Bill Burns
December‭ ‬21,‭ ‬2008‭
‬Faith Tabernacle
P.‭ ‬O.‭ ‬Box‭ ‬1148‭
‬Kremmling,‭ ‬Colorado‭ ‬80459‭

This is the third of three visions that the Lord has given me concerning the progression of the Third Day Church.‭ ‬The
first vision was written just after the season of the Third Day began.‭

‬I had a vision of The Bridge that the Lord was building.‭ ‬In that vision Jesus called His people out of Christian City‭
(‬Mystery Babylon‭) ‬and led them up a path called Zion's Way to the top of the mountain.‭ ‬At the top of the mountain a
deep canyon separated the Second Day from the Third Day where Zion was to be established.‭

‬The people were required to lay their baggage down before they could cross over the bridge of faith and enter Zion.‭ ‬The
baggage represented bondages that the people carried.‭ ‬In that vision I saw many people who desired to serve the Lord
lay their baggage down and cross over into Zion,‭ ‬the city of God.‭ ‬The vision ended with the Church of the Firstborn
entering the city called Zion as they passed through the gates of that great city.‭

‬The second vision was A Vision of Three Houses.‭ ‬In this vision I saw a multitude of people‭ (‬those who crossed the
bridge‭) ‬milling around in the courtyards of the Great City.‭ ‬These had crossed over into the Third Day,‭ ‬but they were not
sure about what they should be doing.‭ ‬I then saw three houses in Zion,‭ ‬which were called the House of Restoration,‭ ‬the
House of Priests,‭ ‬and the House of Kings.‭

‬These houses were for the purpose of preparing the Third Day Church to rule and reign with Jesus Christ in this,‭ ‬
the Day of His Power.‭ ‬The third house‭ (‬kings‭) ‬was the last house into which we would enter and be taught by the Master
Teacher.‭ ‬This house was a place of preparation for the kings of the earth‭ (‬Revelation‭ ‬21:24‭)‬.‭ ‬This house would prepare
the kings of the Third Day to rule with Jesus over the spiritual kingdoms of this world.‭

‬The third vision began with the voice of the Master,‭ "‬Behold,‭ ‬the graduation ceremony of the kings of this day.‭ ‬
These are those who have been taught by Me concerning this present season.‭ ‬These are those who have been
equipped by My Spirit to rule and reign with Me as joint heirs.‭ ‬These are those who are dwelling in the Tabernacle of
David,‭ ‬the house that I have rebuilt.‭ ‬These are those who will sit upon the thrones of David‭ (‬Psalm‭ ‬122:5‭)‬.‭ ‬These are
those who will bind the kings who are the rulers of darkness of this age.‭"

"‬Behold,‭ ‬the graduation of My kings,‭ ‬for they shall now go forth in the power of My authority,‭ ‬and they will lead many into
My house,‭ ‬and they too will be taught and equipped by My Spirit.‭ ‬This indeed is the Day of My power,‭ ‬and the rod of My
authority will be sent forth from Zion‭ (‬Psalm‭ ‬110:2-3‭)‬.‭"

"‬Again,‭ ‬I say,‭ ‬behold the graduation of My kings.‭" ‬And,‭ ‬so I did,‭ ‬and this is what I observed.‭ ‬I saw what appeared to be a
large celestial stage.‭ ‬The Lord was standing at the center of this spiritual platform.‭ ‬He raised a trumpet to His mouth and
blew three loud blasts that seemed to shake all of heaven.‭ ‬At the sound of the third blast a procession of graduates
formed a large circle around the Lord.‭ ‬The graduates wore white robes,‭ ‬clean and bright,‭ ‬and they each wore a red cap
like those worn today at graduation ceremonies.‭

‬The Lord congratulated them,‭ ‬as a group,‭ ‬for their diligence to enter into the House of the Kings by faith and to pursue
the knowledge of the Lord and His purposes for the Day of His power.‭ ‬The Master then proceeded around the
circle,‭ ‬and He put a ring on the right hand of the graduates.‭ ‬When He had finished He stood again in the center of the
circle,‭ ‬and He said,‭ "‬The name of this ring is The Ring of Righteousness.‭ ‬This is a signet ring,‭ ‬and it represents the
power of attorney to use My name.‭ ‬This ring represents the bond of My seal,‭ ‬which is My promise to confirm your words
with signs and wonders.‭ ‬Be about My Father's business,‭ ‬and do it in My name.‭"

‬The Lord again proceeded around the circle,‭ ‬and this time He placed a scepter in the right hand of the graduates.‭ ‬The
scepters were made of wrought iron,‭ ‬and on the top of each one was the symbol of a cross.‭ ‬The bottom of the scepter
was shaped like the head of a serpent.‭

‬Once again,‭ ‬the Master stood at the center of the circle,‭ ‬and He spoke these words,‭ "‬These scepters represent the rod
of My authority,‭ ‬which you shall carry forth from Zion as commissioned by My word.‭ ‬These scepters represent the power
that I give you to strike the enemy with.‭ ‬These scepters represent the power of My thunder and lightning,‭ ‬which will be
released by prophetic proclamation.‭ ‬And,‭ ‬as you speak by My Spirit,‭ ‬the power of the enemy will be broken.‭"

‬And,‭ ‬once again,‭ ‬now this third time,‭ ‬the King of kings walked around the circle of His kings of the earth.‭ ‬This time He
removed the red graduation cap from the heads of the graduates and replaced them with a crown.‭ ‬The crowns
were gold with red jewels on the tips of three points of the crowns.‭ ‬The words‭ "‬joint-heirs‭" ‬was inscribed upon the front of
the crowns.‭ ‬And,‭ ‬the Lord Jesus spoke to the joint heirs of this present day,‭ " ‬Because you have sought to have the
mind of Christ,‭ ‬you are being given the crown of a joint heir.‭ ‬This crown represents your right to rule with Me over the
thrones of the darkness of this day.‭ ‬I,‭ ‬Myself,‭ ‬will be your crown in these days of My justice,‭ ‬for it shall now be as the
prophet wrote:‭ ‬Isaiah‭ ‬28:5-6‭ ‬In that day the LORD of hosts will be for a crown of glory and a diadem of beauty to the
remnant of His people,‭ ‬for a spirit of justice to him who sits in judgment,‭ ‬and for strength to those who turn back the
battle at the gate.‭"

"‬The gates are the thrones of the enemy,‭ ‬which has been established over geographical areas‭ (‬see Revelation‭ ‬2:13‭)‬.‭ ‬
Even so,‭ ‬it is written that the gates of hell will not prevail against My church.‭ (‬Matthew‭ ‬16:18‭) ‬You,‭ ‬My people,‭ ‬will now sit
upon the thrones of the House of David,‭ ‬for it is the time of judgment against the thrones of darkness,‭ ‬which were
established by the ancient curses‭ (‬Ezekiel‭ ‬36‭)‬.‭ ‬Psalm‭ ‬122:5‭ ‬For thrones are set there for judgment,‭ ‬the thrones of the
house of David.‭"

"‬Is it not written that I have given you the keys of the kingdom of heaven,‭ ‬and whatever you bind on earth will be
bound in heaven‭? ‬You have received the three keys‭ (‬gifts‭) ‬of this day,‭ ‬and I say use that which you have been given,‭ ‬
and bind the enemy‭! ‬The kingly anointing that I place upon you will break the yoke of the enemy.‭"

‬Psalm‭ ‬149:5‭ ‬Let the saints be joyful in glory‭; ‬Let them sing aloud on their beds.‭
‬Psalm‭ ‬149:6‭ ‬Let the high praises of God be in their mouth,‭ ‬And a two-edged sword in their hand,‭
‬Psalm‭ ‬149:7‭ ‬To execute vengeance on the nations,‭ ‬And punishments on the peoples‭;
‬Psalm‭ ‬149:8‭ ‬To bind their kings with chains,‭ ‬And their nobles with fetters of iron‭;
‬Psalm‭ ‬149:9‭ ‬To execute on them the written judgment‭; ‬This honor have all His saints.‭ ‬Praise the LORD‭!

‬As this glorious ceremony came to an end the angels of the Captain of the Host could be heard singing a new song,‭
"‬Glory to God in the highest,‭ ‬for He is the King of kings,‭ ‬and His kings of the earth will now bring glory into the Holy City.‭
(‬Revelation‭ ‬21:24-26‭) ‬Alleluia,‭ ‬glory and honor and power to the King of Righteousness,‭ ‬for true and righteous are His

‬Off in the distance I could see Zion,‭ ‬the Holy City,‭ ‬the Tabernacle of David.‭ ‬I could see the kings of this day ascending to
the thrones of the House of David.‭ ‬I saw them taking their positions in the areas of their specific assignments.‭ ‬I saw them
raising their scepters,‭ ‬and I heard the sound of thunder and saw the flashing of God's lightning bolts across
the heavenly expanse.‭ ‬And,‭ ‬I heard these glorious words,‭ "‬Fear not,‭ ‬My beloved,‭ ‬for you shall now do great exploits.‭ ‬
The time has come for you to possess the kingdom as My joint heirs,‭ ‬and I say unto you,‭ ‬victory is assured‭! ‬My kingdom
is an everlasting kingdom,‭ ‬and all dominions shall bow their knee to My authority.‭ ‬You are My kings and are predestined
to rule with Me in glory.‭ ‬Only believe‭!"