Vision‭ ‬4‭ ‬of‭ ‬5‭ ‬THE MASTER’S LIBRARY
by Bill Burns
December‭ ‬21,‭ ‬2008‭
‬Faith Tabernacle
P.‭ ‬O.‭ ‬Box‭ ‬1148‭
‬Kremmling,‭ ‬Colorado‭ ‬80459‭

This is the fourth vision in the progression of the equipping of the Third Day Church. ‭ ‬This vision had to do with the
house of the priest,‭ ‬and the work of the Spirit that was going on in that house. ‭ ‬In the vision I saw the interior of the Holy
Place in Moses‭’ ‬Tabernacle. ‭ ‬I saw the priests busy placing fresh bread on the table of showbread. ‭ ‬I also saw
them filling the bowls of the golden candlestick with fresh oil. ‭ ‬And,‭ ‬I saw them burning sweet incense on the golden altar
before the veil of the Holy of Holies.‭
‬ ‭
‬As I stood watching this activity,‭ ‬the Holy Spirit spoke to me. ‭ ‬He said,‭ “‬Watch,‭ ‬and I will reveal the work that I am doing
among those who have made Me their Teacher. ‭ ‬These are the priests of this day‭; ‬these are those who desire to be
taught by Me more than by men. ‭ ‬These are the prophetic teachers who will reveal the hidden manna to the Church. ‭ ‬
This is the hidden wisdom that the Lord has promised to those who do not hold to the doctrines of men‭ (‬Revelation‭ ‬2:14-
‬ ‭
‬The Holy Spirit then said,‭ “‬This is the Holy Place where the word of the Lord is revealed: ‭ ‬This is the Master’s Library.‭”‬ ‭ ‬I
then saw the Holy Place changed into an expansive room. ‭ ‬There was only one door to this room,‭ ‬only one way to enter
this room,‭ ‬which is not upon the earth. ‭ ‬The Lord’s library is in the heavenlies,‭ ‬in the spirit world where the reality of Zion
exists. ‭ ‬The only way to enter through this door is to be translated‭ (‬in spirit‭) ‬by the Holy Spirit.

Around the walls of this great library were bookcases,‭ ‬which held many books. ‭ ‬The books were very large
and appeared to be very old. ‭ ‬They were leather bound,‭ ‬and each book had a lock on it that required a key to open it.‭
‬ ‭
‬There were many tables in the library,‭ ‬which looked like the table of showbread only larger. ‭ ‬There was only one chair at
each table because the table was assigned to one person. ‭ ‬No one else was allowed to use this table even if the person
wasn’t using it at the time. ‭ ‬There was a white stone on each table with the person’s name on it. ‭ ‬The white stone
identified whom the table belonged to.‭
‬ ‭
‬A candlestick like the candlestick in the Holy Place‭ (‬only smaller‭) ‬was on each table. ‭ ‬The seven bowls were filled with
seven different colors of oil. ‭ ‬The candlestick produced seven different colors on the ceiling and gave off light in the
likeness of a rainbow. ‭ ‬The entire ceiling of the library appeared to be a glorious rainbow,‭ ‬and the room was illuminated
by the reflected light of the lampstands,‭ ‬which were on the many tables in the Lord’s library. ‭ ‬However,‭ ‬the light that
illuminated each table was a pure white light that was given by the Spirit Himself and came from the flame of the seven
‬ ‭
‬Each table also had a censor filled with incense on it. ‭ ‬The smoke of the incense was the glory of the Lord’s presence. ‭ ‬
The censor was lit each time the priest of God came and sat at this table in the Lord’s library.‭
‬ ‭
‬On each table was a key. ‭ ‬This was the key that was used by the priest to open the locked books that were on the
shelves. ‭ ‬The key would not open all of the books‭; ‬it would only open those books,‭ ‬which were brought to each table by
the Librarian‭ (‬Holy Spirit‭)‬.‭
‬ ‭
‬The last items that I saw on the table were an inkwell,‭ ‬a pen and white linen paper. ‭ ‬These were to be used to write what
was learned from the books that were unlocked and studied by the priests. ‭ ‬The books contained the mysteries of God
that will be revealed at the end of the age. ‭ ‬These books contain the hidden manna‭ (‬revelation‭) ‬that is to be revealed in
this,‭ ‬the third day of Christ.‭
‬ ‭
‬I was very anxious to get closer to the books so that I could see the titles of the books. ‭ ‬I asked the Spirit of Wisdom for
permission to walk around the room and look at the books. ‭ ‬I promised not to touch or remove any of the books
because I knew that only the Librarian could remove the books from the shelves. ‭ ‬I was given permission to look upon
these books,‭ ‬which I knew held the mysteries of this age.‭
‬ ‭
‬The books were sectioned off into different subjects,‭ ‬which were inscribed with gold letters at the top of the bookcases,‭ ‬
which held the locked books. ‭ ‬These are some of the categories that I saw:‭
‬ ‭
‬The Books of Truth‭ – ‬these books held correct doctrine,‭ ‬and will be revealed in these last days to those who will do the
will of God. ‭ ‬These books cannot be opened by those who serve themselves and hold to their own agendas of self-
promotion. ‭ ‬These books hold the pure doctrine of the Lord as taught by the Holy Spirit to those who have pure hearts.‭
‬ ‭
‬The Book of Parables‭ – ‬these books will reveal the hidden mysteries of the end of the age. ‭ ‬The parables will be written
by the priests,‭ ‬and only those who have ears to hear will understand.‭
‬ ‭
‬The Books of History‭ – ‬these books were written by the early church fathers beginning with Enoch. ‭ ‬The writings of the
early church fathers are not to be esteemed with the canon of scripture‭; ‬nevertheless,‭ ‬much of what was written was
inspired by the Holy Spirit,‭ ‬and some of what was written will help the church understand the mysteries of the end of the
‬ ‭
‬The Books of Geography‭ – ‬these books revealed the ancient curses over specific geographical areas. ‭ ‬Those
who study these books will reveal the mysteries of darkness to the church. ‭ ‬The church will then pull down the
strongholds of darkness and redeem the land for the Lord’s purposes.‭
‬ ‭
‬The Books of the Wars‭ – ‬these books will reveal the Lord’s strategies for the last-days wars with the rulers of darkness.‭
‬ ‭
‬The Books of the Seven Mysteries‭ – ‬every library needs to have a good mystery section,‭ ‬and this one is the best. ‭ ‬
These books reveal what the apostle John was told not to write. ‭ ‬These mysteries were uttered by the seven thunders
and will be revealed in the end of the age‭ (‬Revelation chapter‭ ‬10‭)‬.‭
‬ ‭
‬The Books of Destiny‭ – ‬these books reveal the destiny of the church. ‭ ‬They reveal the victories of a glorious church,‭ ‬
which does exploits in the name of their God.‭
‬ ‭
‬The Books of Revealed Knowledge‭ – ‬these books bring understanding for the priests,‭ ‬which will enable them to
teach the Book of Revelation in truth and clarity.‭
‬ ‭
‬The Books of Song and Sound‭ – ‬these books contain the new songs and sounds that will be revealed to the psalmists of
the third day. ‭ ‬These songs and sounds will release the power of this day in worship and warfare.‭
‬ ‭
‬These were the section titles that I saw. ‭ ‬There were more bookcases at the end of the library that I did not have time to
examine. ‭ ‬So,‭ ‬I know there is more that will be available to those who will come to the Lord’s library.‭
‬ ‭
‬The Holy Spirit then instructed me to write the vision for the time is now for the door to be opened. ‭ ‬The Holy Spirit says,‭
“‬Come. ‭ ‬Come with ears to hear and eyes to see. ‭ ‬Come as a workman that you may learn to rightly divide the words that
are written in the books of the Master’s Library. ‭ ‬Come,‭ ‬and I Myself will become your Teacher,‭ ‬and the truth will set you
free. ‭ ‬And,‭ ‬those who read that which you write and teach will also be set free. ‭ ‬They will grow up into the measure of the
stature of the fullness of Christ.‭”